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Petrotech™, a patented product, is the fastest most efficient alternative for treatment of environmental pollution caused by oil spills and fires. The process disperses a microbial “food”, which is the combination of the pollutant and the Petrotech™ product.

Having dispersed this “food”, the indigenous microbial population metabolizes it for biodegradation.

Both product and byproduct are
Ozone safe

Petroleum products contain oils and chemical solvents that have vast potential to cause uncontrollable fire and environmental damage. Conventionally, these dangers are reduced through costly, labor intensive, labor-intensive containment, mitigation, and disposal procedures.

Petrotech’s™ process is extremely effective and efficient for oils, liquids, soils, and sludge contaminated with volatile organic, semi-volatile organic, pesticides, dioxins, and other similar compounds.


Petrotech™ is an environmentally safe solution with applications for:

Fire Suppression and Pollution Control

Oil Spill and Hydro Cleanup on Land and Water

Odor Elimination

Degreasing and Industrial Cleaning

Waste and Sewage Soil Remediation